Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Latest on Linda

I spoke directly with my sister Linda today. She actually started chemo today and not yesterday as I had previously stated. She will be receiving it every twelve hours for 4 days. All of her major organs are in great shape as well as her lymph nodes-which is all good news.

I have been thinking about what things I could do to help her. I feel so limited living so far away. I do plan to visit her, but it will have to wait until our spring break. I do have a surprise that my mom is in on though. Think she is really going to like it. Like really. I do think it will help her bide her time and the hours/minutes where she may find herself alone and in need of a distraction. Any guesses what it is? Please, please, don't let her know if you do because we really want it to be a surprise!
{Feel free to leave a comment with your guesses. It will be interesting to see what y'all think it is}.

In other news, my aunt's mother and two other grand parents in the family are in their last few days of life. All in their nineties. All dying from congestive heart failure. Despite the fact that all three have been blessed with very full lives, they are still going to be leaving loved ones who will miss them greatly. Please say an extra little prayer for them and for another little guy we love who is ill with a complete bowel obstruction. We all appreciate your thoughts and prayers. Sorry I've been heavy on the prayer requests lately, but that is just how life goes sometimes...

Thanks so much!


  1. I'm privileged to pray for you and your family Suz! Thanks for sharing. {Hugs} ~Sally

  2. Oh My! You certainly have a lot on your mind atm. {{{hugs}}} are on the way. Thinking of you...x

  3. You're all constantly in my prayers Suz. You're not alone in this. xx


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