Monday, December 06, 2010

Today's Promise

Brought to you by : Dove.

My newest Christmas tradition. Grabbing a box (or two!) of these:

 and opening up one each day to reveal a little "Promise" message. Like one's own little advent calendar/fortune cookie all wrapped up into one small decadent indulgence! I'm sooo loving this new little tradition. Each daily dose of inspiration and reflection. Please Dove, don't stop making these little morsels of chocolate + peppermint goodness!

So, I have saved the daily "Promise Messages" and placed them in this little envelope. I will save the remaining wrappers for another repurposing later in my DD.

This clearly needed to become a part of this year's December Daily, so I took it upon myself to once again "repurpose" packaging. (I think it was too pretty not to!) Please note white balance and lighting are obviously off on these pics but since it's nighttime-it's the best I could do with what light I did have.

Ok, so I brought another lamp over to my scrapping station and the light is a little better now.

Joy. Dove. Love.

Looking forward to tomorrow's "Promise Message. Maybe if I just hold off til 12:01AM, I can have it tomorrow! ;-)


  1. This is looking just sooooo great!

  2. I absolutely LOVE your blog Christmas paper and would love to use it on my Dec. Daily album. Could u please let me know who the manufacturer is...also love your album. Tks!!

  3. Love these pages, and how you are incorporating the holiday packaging into your layouts. The pearls on the SB bag, the embellished love love! Fun to see how people are using the DD templates for this year! Wonderful job. :)

  4. Love your DDDove pages. I wasn't able to find the peppermint bark ones until after Christmas. Of course, I purchased them THEN, and we enjoyed them for a New Year's Eve treat. I must confess, I was a little disappointed in their peppermintyness...but we struggled through it -- good sports that we are! :)


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