Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Daily Update

Playing a bit of catch up as it seems the holiday season always goes.  My youngest son, Ethan,made up his Santa list. The little pic at the bottom isn't actually a self portrait with Santa but with Harry Potter. Yes, Harry is still a prominent fixture in our house again this year-especially after viewing Part 1 of #7 last Fri. The other portion of my day 5 was a small collection of pictures of our local Christmas parade, of which my eldest, Ian played in the band. (Drums).

Here is a retake of my Day 6 as I finished the pages at night and the lighting conditions were less than optimum.

 Still love that I was able to incorporate the package of my newest favorite Christmas tradition: Dove Peppermint bark Promises!!

The paper on the left side was a free download off of eighteentwentyfive's blog. I love
it wanted to be sure it ended up in my album. Still need to complete the rest of Day 9's layout. Getting there.

Day 10 (left side) is a photographed image of an art project that Ethan made last week. Handprint Christmas tree. I love it and it is already hanging up in our house. Will definitely be cherishing that little piece for years to come.

More to follow! Thanks for looking.


  1. Love this and all your photos are gorgeous! I enjoy seeing how everyone set theirs up - gives me ideas for next year. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

  2. Your DD is gorgeous!! Love your blog festive and can I ask where you got the paper for the sides?
    Which camera do you use? A DSLR?

  3. @Ann-Marie,
    Thank you! The background is a free download from www.thecutestblogontheblock. I use a Canon 20D DSLR. The lens I used for these pics was a 24-70mm f/2.4L. (I saved up for it for quite awhile!) However, I am really pleased with a 50mm/1.8 lens I bought for ~$75.00

  4. Love that handprint Christmas tree, I can see why you'll be treasuring that one!

  5. Great album and great photos. Love your x-mas tree:)

  6. Your album looks great and love that you have a Christmas parade, how cool is that. Thank you for the idea of putting in the download from eighteen25, I also printed them and have them in frames around my house and planned on a few as gifts. This will look great in my album. Love the Santa list your son made, is this on scrapbook paper?


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