Thursday, December 30, 2010

Holiday Pics 12.23.2010

Chillaxin' in the condo...Catching up on a little E-time.(Electronics time. Both boys mostly read the whole trip. Each savoring their own novels: Ian Mocking Jay and Ethan, The Last Hero).
After a decade of the same hair style, Boo is now sporting a new "Do."
 Twinkle lights! How merry. Downtown Fraser/Winter Park.
 Our annual family dinner out at our local favorite BBQ joint:
Our annual trip to Smokin' Moes for dinner. Our favorite hang out in WP. Great atmosphere, good food and fair price. The boys love the "Jail" and the train that traverses along a track suspended above our heads. They also get a kick out of reading a lot of the sarcastic and comical signage. I have to say, they've got some good ones posted! Sorry some pics are blurry-- low lighting conditions and I didn't want to use a flash! Love the atmosphere in this place. Lots of laughs and fond memories within these walls for sure.

 Look at all the peeps that found their way into the "Slammer" on this particular December night.

 What a mean...fearful group!

 Hey, how did I end up in the slammer? And why does my Mick look so afraid of me?
 Group art project completed by the cousins. All 5 that were present.
 Think he's tired of me taking pics yet?
 Full circle...back at the condo, chillaxin with movies again.

Next post, promises breathtaking landscapes! Stay tuned...or, in this case, online!

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