Wednesday, December 22, 2010

December Daily #21

Ok, since I'm sans scrapping supplies,  I will just be posting some pics of the memory making going on whilst away from my scrappin' stash.
Today, to bide the time in the car, Ethan (aka "Boo") decided to play on my iPad and create with the app Doodle Buddy. I just love his creations and these will most certainly find a place in my December Daily as well as printed and hung on our walls at home!
Now, if I can just figure out how to get pics from my iPad and posted here on my blog-lol.

Ok...that was easy enough.: Here we go:
Snowboarding already!? This dudes got skillz! :-)
 This one is entitled, "Scared Santa" (Note his wide open big blue eyes!)

Loving the chairlifts in the background on this one.
 I guess on the first pic I got the screen shot but you get the idea of a snowboarder with the chair lift in the background. Gnarly dude!
And I am loving the stick people riding on the chair lift. Can't tell if they are riding up or down the mountain, can you? ;-)
 And this one...well this one...melts this momma's heart!
Happy December Day #22 everyone!

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