Thursday, December 02, 2010

Special Day lots of special ways.

First off, someone special has a special day to day. Here's a clue as to whom it is:

Birthday Boy #9 awoke slightly before 7am and opened up a few gifts pictured below.
 After a breakfast at Village Inn, where he indulged in "The Villain" breakfast (which consisted of a huge pancake with blueberries for eyes and scrambled eggs for the hair and bacon strips for the mouth)
AND then...he indulged in a free Birthday Boy Slice of Chocolate Lover's Delight pie! Needless to say, he hasn't been hungry for lunch yet and it's 4:15!
After breakfast, we went to his piano lesson at Mrs. D's, then it was off to ToysRUs where it was announced that "Ethan is here with us today celebrating his 9th birthday. If you see him wearing a birthday crown and holding a birthday balloon please tell him Happy Birthday!"
There was much parading been done through the aisles. There were many well wishes. Many smiles. And thank yous. After we perused the Lego aisle (and a few others) and picked up the BOGO 50% off kits, we checked out and made it out to the vehicle before I checked the receipt and realized I didn't receive the 50% off the second kit. Turns out, the special wasn't good for The Star Wars sets OR the Harry Potter sets --of which I had purchased one of each. So, we went back in and got a refund on the two kits. I'm sorry, but this Momma does not "do retail." Ethan was very good about it, so we set off to Hobby Lobby and then Target.
At Target, we purchased The King's Castle for $69.99. Seriously good deal! Retails for $99 at Target and $129+ online.
(He's currently constructing by my side as I type this and is enjoying the moving mechanism of the drawbridge and the security gate dropping down (I'm sure there is a better word for this part of the castle but I'm currently at a loss for the correct medieval term).
After Target it was a quick stop to Michael's and then it was decided (since neither of us was hungry) to opt out of Steak n Shake lunch and to head for the bank and then home.
Daddy/Mick was there when we arrived and stumbled in with our packages of holiday organization bins, gift purchases and supplies. Ethan immediately, tore into his next gift, which Daddy happily helped remove from the packaging and began playing with.
This was the next gift:

Actually it was a larger set, but this picture will do.

 I think Mick and I both are thinking to ourselves that these beanz are like the Now Generations idea of our "Vintage" Weeble Wobbles. We are holding out our judgment until we see how much play comes from the collection of these little beanz. One thing is for sure, Hugsley has taken after them as his latest and greatest cat toys-he was especially fond of the "Ultra Rare" Chili Beanz!! Definitely going to have to  put them up when not actively being played with!
Lots more pictures will follow but I just realized my DH has taken my camera to the Skillet/Toby Mac concert that he's taking Ian and his friend to tonight. They got VIP passes so are totally stoked (and have been for weeks) to attend this event. Special day. Special night.

One other special person who's birthday fell on this day, my beloved tennis partner and friend, Ben Birdsong, who passed away (on the very courts we played) on Tuesday, July 20 of this year. He is missed deeply but remembered fondly!

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