Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Dec Daily #7

So today I came across this picture from my DH's past, and one thing I wanted to put into my album this year were some stories from the past to compare to some stories from today to.
I actually don't have a pic of my boys on Santa's lap crying.
Why is it you ask?
Because this momma used to work in a retail setting and the last place I wanted to be during the holidays was at the mall, with swarms of other stressed out parents and little kiddos who THINK they want to sit on Santa's lap, until the hour or so later they actually get to climb up on his lap and they chicken out! Now, that's not to say we don't get our picture taken with Santa, it's just that my boys are definitely old enough now to decide if and when they want to! No drama. No stress.

I had saved my Starbucks bag for this DD album, but found it was too large for the album. So, I scanned it and fit it down to size and printed onto white cardstock. Added a sweet ribbon below (mostly to cover up uneven border during printing-but also adding to the theme of "Stories are GIFTS." A few little pearl blings and it's good to go.

 I thinkI am going to journal a bit more about the stories I want to tell this holiday season and slip it between the back of the photo and in front of the next page. TFL!

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  1. I absolutely adore this picture!!!! I have saved that same bag and cup sleeve from starbucks. Just waiting to see where it will fit in. LOL


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