Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nerdy Bird Flies the Coop...

...to school. It was the first day back to Ethan's gifted class today. He was up early and even though he had laid most of his "First Day" ensemble out the night before (this from the child who like to sleep in and do everything last minute) he put the finishing touch on his outfit with a pair of these:

Here's a few pic SOOC:
This dude so needs a haircut. (We trimmed the back briefly this am before heading out to take pics, but there's more work to be done with this towhead.) ;)
 He is so rockin' the "Stink" look here. Yeah...Here comes trouble!
The sweet face:
 The intellectual face:
 And...back to the "Stink" face!
Hope everyone is having happy "back to school days" for those that have started. Back later with some sneaks of the awesome September release of Freehand Scraps' kit! :) :) :)

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