Saturday, August 06, 2011

Gator Friends Came to Visit | Trip to the Lake

Had a really nice time visiting with old friends, Caren and Dave and their 4 kiddos from G'ville who stopped by for a weekend visit on their way home from a 2.5 week cross country trip that took them to Yellowstone, Colorado, Mt. Rushmore, Chicago, here and Atlanta. (Whew!)
Despite a small glitch in the water fun when the tow rope accidentally got caught up in the intake valve of the waverunner, we had a nice time on the water. There was lots of kneeboarding, wakeboarding, and water fun in general. All in an attempt to keep cool in the midst of 100+ degree heat.

 And these wrinkles you can't iron out! LOL
 Taken with point and shoot. Notice Bryan on right? He does a pretty scary marionette impression. And I mean...SCARY. This particular pic doesn't quite do it justice.
You can't mistake the Rowe kids. They are all grown from the same stock. Striking similarities to mom and dad both.

Princess Caitlyn. She pretty much steals the show. Quite the spunky gal (has to keep up with her big bros, no?) ;)
 Caren and I became friends as we were neighbors who also went to the same church. We ended up being in small group together and we also began our book club which is still going strong (despite my absence). Our first book was The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.  Caren told me she has been keeping track of all the books that have been discussed since our book club's inception. I told her I would love a copy of the list. (I have several years of catching up to do).

 A little paddleball around the redneck golf set:
 Brushing down the puppers:
 Caren and Dave's kiddos have some pretty funny talents too. Check this out:
 It's Bullwinkle the Moose! LOL ok, now take a guess at what this is:
It's a but trickier: An elephant! Crazypants weird talent those kiddos. They had a blast showing off their talents to us though! :)
We had lots of catching up (as we hadn't seen each other since 2006 (for Mick, since 2002) and managed to get caught up on quite a bit  over the course of the weekend. (It helps that both Caren and I talk crazypants fast!).
Hope y'all are having a great weekend and staying cool. Back later with some pics of recent scrapping!


  1. Looks like fun, Suz! Love the pruney feet:)

  2. Love the feet shot! Jack calls those his grandad feet!


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