Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Live in a Neighborhood...

I live in a neighborhood.
It’s tiny and quaint.
Six houses to be exact. Each with four walls and a door. 
Doors that while often are closed, will open, graciously, at a moment’s notice, and embrace you and welcome you in.

I live in a neighborhood.
That breathes love and understanding. 

I live in a neighborhood.
That has loved and lost.
Too much.
That is grieving and yearning for happier days.

I live in a neighborhood.
Where cancer has come knocking.
On too many doors.  
That has taken it’s owners’ loved ones and swept them all away.


I live in a neighborhood.
Where trees have been planted.
To remember those loved and lost.
To remind us to not lock ourselves behind four walls and wallow in grief alone.
To get out and breathe.
Fresh air.
To enjoy the sunshine. The birds. The trees.
To take walks together.
To meet in the culdesac, chat by the mailbox, hang out by the pool.
To smile and to lift one another's spirits.
To help us survive yet another day.
Our loved ones.

I live in a neighborhood.
It’s tiny and quaint.
Perfect for me.
A blessing from God.

by: Suz Mannecke 08.30.2011

5 months since she's been gone...

...and I still feel her love. Holding on tight to that. Always and forever.


  1. Sending you HUGE hugs across the pond. L xx

  2. This is a beautiful tribute. It made me pause and think of those I love who have battled cancer. Some are still here with us and some are not. Thanks for sharing.

  3. {{{hugs}}} ....x


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