Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Day of Summer...

...and this is how we spent it:

And the race to catch the girl has already begun...

Wakeboarding action
Chillaxin...with pruny toesies

a little front yard baseball with me as catcher/photographer

The beautiful full sunrise off our back deck I captured because I was up anyways...(way too early IMHO)
And the first day of school pics for the eldest: (the youngest-homeschooled wasn't in the mood for first day pics-so perhaps we'll do Second Day or Third Day pics? lol) Several of us (including some of the 4 legged type) couldn't wait to see him off...

if he'd just get those new kicks laced up already!

Here's hoping those of you "Yahooing" or "Boo-hooing" it today (because you too are back to school) have a good one regardless!
Personally...I am boo-hoo-HOO-ing it! I love summer!


  1. ha ha, I had no idea that other's 'chillax'. Great pics of your last hurrah.

  2. Oh NO! The Summer is over?!!! I hope you had a truly magical one....x


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