Thursday, March 03, 2011

Update on My Sister Linda

Spoke with my sister yesterday and my mom today. My sister started losing her hair yesterday and developed terribly painful ulcers and swelling in her throat. She couldn't swallow or eat anything. Today it was worse, she acquired a fever and half her face and beneath her ear swelled up. The doctors believed her to have an infection in her bloodstream and gave her some "Big Gun" antibiotics to try to get rid of the infection and reduce her fever. The fever has dropped some, which was/is a good sign. On top of all of that, her bone marrow biopsy was today too. My mom said that the most painful thing (according to my sister) were the ulcers and the swelling. :( When I spoke with Linda briefly yesterday (can't believe she even answered!) her voice was barely discernible. It sounded like she was smothered under a pillow.

Breaks a sister's heart.
...So want to be there for her!

I'm glad I sent off a little care package out yesterday as she should receive it Sat. She was to have left the hospital today for a bit of a reprieve before heading back to the hospital next Wed. (her birthday) to begin her second round of chemo. Not exactly the birthday gift anyone would want-a trip to the oncology unit of a hospital and a nice round of chemo. Sigh.

Just wanted to update those of you who were wondering how she was doing. Hopefully the next update will have a more positive note to it!

Have a J.O.Y.-filled day!
Keeping the faith,


  1. You're such a sweet sister! Still praying for Linda... Thanks for the updates! {Hugs} ~Sal

  2. This puts any moans I have had today back into perspective. Thanks for the update and really hope that things don't get any worse with her and that next week goes as smoothly as possible.


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