Saturday, March 05, 2011

Lucky Lady Today

My sweet, generous and thoughtful hubby surprised me on Valentine's Day (even though I wasn't really in the mood to go out to eat as that was the day my sister, Linda, was hospitalized with leukemia and I was still reeling from the news).
We were sitting at our favorite local Mexican restaurant and he passed me a card across our booth. Inside the beautiful card (which, BTW, has inspired a layout idea for me!) were the lyrics to a favorite song of mine, sung by a favorite group of mine. I read the card and noticed at the bottom, a handwritten arrow was drawn that said "over." So, I turned the page and as I did so, a DVD fell out. My sweet hubby had converted our wedding videos and a few other videos to DVD for me. I know it took hours as he and the boys had banned me from my scrapbook/media room/guest bedroom/schoolroom to make it. So, I kind of knew he was up to something like that. He had mentioned buying some software to convert old movies to DVDs a few weeks prior. Nonetheless, I was thrilled and thanked him for his thoughtfulness in the gift and card.

What I didn't realize and of which he quickly began to point out to me, was that I had missed...


Yes, that's right people, there was more!! SO MUCH MORE of a surprise to come!

He told me I had missed something and that I needed to look at my card again. I looked back to my card and turned the page. Adhered to the back of the card were two tickets!!!!! 
I was so shocked and surprised and excited and overcome with emotion I didn't know how to contain it, but knew in some small back part of my mind I need to contain myself as I was in a public setting. So, I was sitting there in the booth with my head down, shaking my head in a spasmodic, uncontrolled manner while stomping my feet quickly and as quietly as possible. But, of course, while doing this, a few small barely contained squeals of delight spilled out. 

To say the least, I was quite the scene. This according to Mick. After nearly 16 years of marriage, I knew what he was thinking and maybe you are too:  A restaurant scene, a man, a woman...

...To the waitress, the man replies,

 "... I'll have what she's having." (From When Harry Met Sally)

 It was that kind of moment. Ok...not that kind of moment...but it definitely made Mick the "Dude" of the restaurant for making his wife so happy!

So anyone care to guess who we are going to have the JOY of listening to tonight? Those of you locally will know I'm sure. :-) 

Well...let me give you a clue that Ethan created for me just the other day (such a thoughtful kiddo like his daddy):

First make a guess and then scroll down for the clue/answer. :)

Oh yeah!!!!! Rascal Flatts BABY!!!!! I SIMPLY CANNOT WAIT!!!!

Guess I need to go figure out what I am going to wear and get "prettified" as we so call it in this family of boys and a momma!

Oh...and the lyrics at the front of the card...none other than the lyrics that have come to be "Our Song"...
God Bless the Broken Road.

Melt a wife's heart. 
My guy is so good
I am so very blessed. 
Thank you God for the "Unanswered Prayers" and for leading me down the broken road to the man you fully intended for me to share my life with.

So, my Valentine's day was very bittersweet and filled with much emotion. Rascal Flatts is a favorite of my sister's as well, and I am really looking forward to the day that she is well and we can go to see them together, and belt out along with the band, the words to "God Bless the Broken Road." 

Have a J.O.Y.-filled day everyone! 


  1. You are so lucky!!! Have fun and take pictures if you can. So wanted to go but didn't work out. It's okay. Have fun girl. :)

  2. S-W-E-E-T! I'm so jealous-in-a-nice-way. =) Have a blast Suz!

  3. What a sweet husband. But, then, I know that he is. Enjoy the concert. Would love to hide in a pocket!!

  4. How wonderful!! What a great family you have...x Have a fantastic time!!


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