Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Happy Birthday To My Big Sis Linda! (aka Linny!)

Happy birthday to my Big Sis, Linny!!! (I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!)

So, so wish she didn't have to spend it in the hospital fighting leukemia!!! I can't change the situation other than praying to God that he will heal her. I realize that. But I just want her to know how much she is loved and how many people care for her. She already got her birthday gift a week or so ago. Mick and I went in with my mom and dad and got her an iPad for those times when she may not have visitors, but I still wanted to try to make her day special anyways. She's not really been feeling up for visitors as she has been losing her hair and has been fighting off a bad infection with ulcers in her throat that make it extremely difficult to talk, to swallow, to eat. Basic everyday tasks that all of us (myself included) take for granted.
I was thinking, it would be special for her to know there are "Cyberfriends" and family out there who are thinking of her,  wishing her well, and praying for her. If you would like to send a little "Cyberlove" her way, please post a comment here on my blog. I'll be sure she reads it. I think it would really make her day to know that there are all kinds of caring people out there, thinking of her and praying for her today.

Here are a few pics for our awesome family trip to Colorado in December. It was the first time in 10 years we three sisters had been together for Christmas. Special times indeed! We had just a little bit of fun! (And a whole lot of laughs!!) Most of these pics were with my point and shoot, so they are definitely lacking in quality!

Catching snowflakes!

Hanging out with the Blues Brothers!

"Charlie's Angels" Silly Pose

Thanks in advance for putting a little J.O.Y. in my sister's birthday! 
Have a J.O.Y.-filled day!


  1. Happy happy birthday to your dear sister Suz! I pray for her daily!!

  2. Happy Birthday Dear Linny! Lifting you up in prayer & praying that God will heal your body. ~Sally

  3. Sending some belated cyber love from Down Under!! Hope you had a wonderful day Linny!!! And I pray that you get back on your feet soon...x

  4. I did try leaving a birthday message from my house but her internet didn't like me for some reason.
    So... terribly belated but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY LINDA!


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