Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend Calamities

sheesh! It started out by jamming my toe on the stairs Thursday. Thought I either broke or sprained it. Couldn't hardly walk on it. Friday I forgot to put up Bella's bone and let the big dog's play with her (as the weather was bad). She and Rudy got into it and I got into the middle of it and came out with a few dog bites. So my left knee is tore up and sore but is much better today. Thankfully. Saturday the hailstorm and high winds hit-knocked out basketball hoop over-right onto--you guessed it--the hood of Mick's work car. {Insert another big sigh here}. Went down to cabin to stain the deck and found out the water leak wasn't really fixed and that we were without water. Nothing like doing dishes by boiling water the old fashioned way.

Today...well, today I am hoping for... better.

Not much... Just BETTER! :)

That's not to much to ask for, is it?

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