Friday, April 09, 2010

Check out My New Set of Hooters!

Scroll down....

Wait for it...


Here ya go!

Yeah...that title captured your attention, didn't it?
I found my perfect set of Hooters in Cabela's recently. Aren't they just precious and perky? Ahem...I mean...alert? ;) SO fitting for me!
Lexi and I had a few good chuckles over these owls-especially when we sent the pic to Mick via my iPhone. He asked if I had actually purchased them and where was I going to place them? On the roof?
I said, "No honey. I didn't buy them. But the picture alone is worth a thousand words, or at least a couple hundred anyways!"

Actually, we stopped by Cabela's to pick up a new wheel for Lexi's DH, Rory. But of course, we had to make the trip there worth the effort, chick style!

When I saw this ginormous blue marlin on the wall, I knew Mick would want a pic of it! 954 pounds of dominance. Total manly man fish right there I tell ya!

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