Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sneak Peak SAF

So, Jules and Paula came over the other day to get started prepping for SAF. Here's a sneak peak of this year's project:

Decisions, decisions! Each project is made for under $10. Kewl huh?
You may be wondering why there's a bed in the background. It's there because the room I scrapbooking in is our "everything room"-- guest bedroom, media room, craft room and classroom. (Plus, we figured it would be a convenient place to nap when we needed to!)

I also completed a two page spread last night and made enough duplicate materials for 24 albums. Definitely a time-consuming process but one which I very much enjoy. Looking forward to working on more pages later this weekend. Perhaps, I'll post more.

In the meantime, someone reached a hard-earned goal:

Congrats Mick! We are so very proud of you!! What those of you reading this don't realize is that the graph doesn't show you where he started at, which was well above the the 195 mark. He has actually lost about 25 pounds. I'm gonna have to brush up on my tae kwon do now to keep the ladies at bay at the RNR event today! ;)

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