Saturday, April 10, 2010

Crop Night

I had a wonderful time as usual at CS last night. ~250 women filled the room with their laughter, their craft supplies and their memories. I managed to make a few cards and watch a wonderful demo on misting (led by the lovely and fabulously talented, Lexi) while fellowshipping with other kindred souls.
The tables before the crowd arrived:

And when the proceedings were just getting underway:

One of the cards I made (photo credit: Lexi Bridges as I left my camera at home)

I actually added three more read rhinestones after the "me" for "..."
The inside will read: "...that it's your birthday!"

I'lll try to post more pics from the evening over the weekend. But were off to the lake to open up the cabin/cottage and do some spring cleaning and repairs. Got a UHaul to bring mattress and headboard down (exchanging old standard bed with a queen) and a few other items. Hope to install an antenna for the TV too and spray for bugs, stain the deck and so much more. So excited that spring is here as it is just a precursor for the summer fun that awaits us! :)

The Ya-Ya's (Or perhaps maybe now we should rename ourselves, the Yo-Yos, since that's our latest crafting fun!-lol) Lexi, me, Jules, Barb and Sweet P (Paula). A sweet gal, Sarah took this pic. It's a bit out of focus, but considering she'd never used a prime/fixed lens before,we were happy with the results! Smiles and no wrinkles!

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  1. I can just imagine the "laughter" with 250 women in one room...


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