Monday, April 12, 2010

Grand Poppa Bear came to visit

and we loved our time spent with him. Games of chess.

The baking of yummy "Nice Spice" cookies that were gobbled up in a day!
We kept our usual activities up while Poppa was here; Scouts, Tae kwon do, tennis, piano lessons. And yet, despite our busyness, we did find things slowed up a bit in the household too.
Take, for example, this pic:
I think Poppa forgot that it reclines! LOL Even Lily got in on the laziness finding her spot perched upon the retaining wall.
We watched the Final Four b-ball games, grabbed some yummy pizza at our favorite local pizza joint and even managed to get in to vote.

We hated to see him leave...

...especially in his 199,ooo mile+ Mazda 323! OH how I tried to get him to buy a new-er vehicle. The car he's driving was actually one bought for my grandparents when they were still living-way back in 2002 and 2004!

Poppa actually brought the topic of buying a new vehicle up and we did all kinds of research while he was here on hybrids and great mph cars (He wants one that gets the same mpg as his-50!) Needless to say, that really limited the choices, but I think I have him thinking about a Honda Civic Hybrid (He doesn't like look of the Prius). However, he left... his trusty, rusty, old reliable 323! We'll miss you Poppa! Thanks for the help fixing up the door lock and window screen. We'll miss you. Drive safely!

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