Friday, July 07, 2006

Give me strength...

...I've got four boys 9,8,7 and four to take care of and to entertain for the weekend! It's the Guys' Weekend down at the lake-so I have my two nephews and our two BEBZ. We did a Wally-World run for some snacks and drinks(yeah a mere $111.00 later) and then a quick trip to the movie store. Picked up a few flicks to occupy their time. Lots of light sabers and Pokemon cards have been a flyin' but no serious injuries our damages to report (as of yet, LOL).Been a crazy week-was gone all of last week to Tulsa for tennis camp and Lion King (always a great show). Returned home Fri. to unpack and repack for cabin. Spent the next four days, relaxing...skiing...waverunning...launchpod jumpin'...eating...playing redneck golf and watching the cousins all play. Ian attempted to ski for the first time with trainer ski and got up on the first try.(I just new the lil dude would do it-could see it in his face...determination written all over it. Wouldn't you agree?)
Well, it's now 10:20 way, way, WAY past the 4yo bedtime (and the others as well). We are now having a complete meltdown as hyperactivity kicks in-in a last ditch, futile attempt (by my 4yo) to keep moving (or else crash and burn)because the minute he stops he knows he's down for the count. If it wasn't so comical to observe it would definitely drive a woman(aka-me,the mommacrazy. I'm hopeful that they'll all sleep in-but know chances are highly unlikely as my nephews are known to be early risers despite how late they get to bed. Noth to mention-when one wakes up-it's a domino effect. He wakes the next up...and so on.. and so on...AND SO I said before-give me strength... and give me sleep...

Oh...During the Wally World trip-it was quite interesting to see the look on people's faces as I marched through the store with the boys filing behind me in a single line. I heard quite a few remarks like.."boy I thought I had my hands full but look at her!" and "Wow, you've got your hands full." Some people just smiled and chuckled to themselves. Others said,"Your a brave lady." Funny... I almost felt as if I were pregnant again and everyone was sympathetic to me. Weird feeling.

Well, it's official. The meltdown has reached full capacity. Ethman just came into the room crying and wailing that Ian and Liam were smacking him with pillows. Ian came in saying Ethan was hitting him with the light saber-IN THE HEAD MOM! REALLY!
argh...and so it goes...isn't there just an "OFF" button I can push?

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