Thursday, July 13, 2006

Tennis, tennis and more tennis

Had group drills at local tennis courts for Ian and Boo and I hit awhile. He's actually getting much better at making contact with the ball.I also taught him where the different lines were on the court-had him run to each line-made a game of it-which he seemed to like. A friend called little after three and offered us four ticket to local pro tennis match-(she's not into tennis and bless her heart-remembered I was). I was already scheduled to play tennis so Mick ended up taking the boys and the son of my friend. They all came home with new rackets and balls-super excited and pumped up aboutthe game! It is so awesome to be an observer of a passion being born! My friend's son said "It was the best day of his life!" How adorable is that? Of course with my love of tennis I think that comment really rocks-but how cool to think that this eight year old has som many more best days of his life in the future?

I played ok at tennis tonight-my serve neeeds a ton of help in the consistency dept. Double faulted on game point on at least two occasions-big nono-but did serve up an ace or two. Hit for another hour singles with another friend who is literally a human backboard-gets everything back-I mean everything. I ran a lot of shots down to night to the point I thought I was going to puke! But, i still love the game! Next week ought to be interesting as it's supposed to be over 100+ with the heat index.

Lucky me though, I get to go to pro match tomorrow night as another friend invited Mick and me to go to the match. VIP dinner and boxed seats. I'm soooo pumped!

Mick and I decided to stay home for a weekend and try to get some much needed things done around the house. Still need to paint basement and to purge out closets, toy room, etc. Don't really think we'll get it all done-but we can sure see how fun it will be to try! ;)

Got news today that my MIL and SIL both had visits to ER over the past week. Both appear to have been stress related. Imagine that? In the world we live in? I just keep counting my blessings that I haven't show up there yet!:)
Also received an email that extened family member is on his deathbed-stage four cancer due to smoking for years. I don't know many of you who smoke but I do know their are a few of my loved ones out there thatdo-so if you read this-please stop! We want you around for a long time-do it for your kids if nothing else! JUST DO IT!

Went to one of my favorite photographer's blog and she is having a hands on seminar to learn about photography and photo editing and much more. I would love to go to it but there's only about 15 slots for people to attend and in just one day over 300 people have responded showing interest. We'll see if anything comes of it-my luck would be I can't afford it if I actually get picked to attend! LOL! Well, if it's meant to's meant to be...sigh....
more later!TTFN

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