Monday, July 10, 2006

Colored Cheerios

yep...that's right. Today Ethan asked daddy to pour him a bowl of "Colored" Cheerios. In actuality, what he wanted was a recently purchased,special treat, one-time-only bag of Tootie Frooties. You didn't actually think I'd buy the name brand now, would ya? That boy never ceases to bring a chuckle along the way.

After surviving (barely) a weekend with four boisterous boys our lives returned to some semblancy. I took Ethan to T-Ball.That was an experience. Due to rainy weather they played inside. Three four year old boys attempting to catch pop-up balls from a tennis ball type machine proved quite comical. Each boy kept tracking down the catapulted ball until it rolled to a stopped, regardless of the fact that more balls were systematically and rhythmically being shot out at them. Several sermons later the boys finally took the adults advice and focused on just looking at the machine and waiting for the next ball to come out. Whew. Then onto the T. The bat looked as if it weighed more than each boy. But each made his way up to the plate to swing at the ball. Several safety sermons later (about waiting until the coach had placed the ball on the T and safely backed away) each boy had his share of hitting the ball into the safety net.

Onto to Borders. Bargain section rocked. Picked up a few books for the boys and a couple of gifts as well for family members.

On to tennis clinic. Ian's first at anew place. He quickly sized up the group as he walked onthe court and immediately went into his slow descent into one of his rare but awful meltdowns. Holding back the tears (barely) he walked over to me and pitched a fit. Would not go back on the court for anything. I threatened to take away computer. TV, PSP AND playing in his baseball game tomorrow night-didn't matter. Then... he started to watch the group and realized...hey, I can play like some of them...decided to give it a try...and guess, what? He's going to try it again tomorrow AND as we were walking to the van-he said, "Mommy. I'm sorry."....awwwww...that's just what one stressed out mommy needed to hear...gotta love the little man.

Home to laundry and art projects (rainy day). The bEBZ and I made an astronaut that had movable body parts. Managed to get a few shirts ironed and a couple loads of laundry folded but not before Mick's counterpart got to the house. I was down in SB room when Mick comes down to tell me his counterpart would be here in ten minutes!!! TEN MINUTES? What was he thinking? I've been gone for basically a week and a half and just entertained a weekend of boys in our home? Ya think I'd need a little more time then ten minutes to get the house in order. Needless to say I was a bit overwhelmed and exasperated.

Need to sign off now. More later...

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