Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ok, Dealer Dude, What's up with that?

Ah..ya-uh...Ummmm. Mick checked out the Honda yesterday and checked all of the fuses. Guess what? IT WAS A BLOWN FUSE!! Needless to say the dealer got a few well chosen words from my hubby about the van. Anyways, so happy to know it was just a fuse.

Just got home from church. Always a great sermon from Pastor Phillip. He always keeps it real. He talked about taking a Road Trip. The one where you choose the narrow path that leads to happiness in life and not the wide, more popular one that leads to destruction. Talked about getting to heaven not by our good works but by grace alone. He podcasts his sermons too which is really nice when one wants to go back and listen a second time.

The boys have been working upstairs for several minutes now on some new inventions (or VENTIONS as Boo says). Chipboard, scissors, glue and shipping tape seem to be the guts of it all. It's always so intersting to see their little imaginations at play. Good stuff...

Well, got to tidy up the house and get things in order for our week. Have a great one all! Feeling in the mood to play the soundtrack to The Lion King. Get the boys geared up for it, ya know?

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