Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I can't decide...

what type of window treatments I want in our house.We've lived here for just over two years non and I think it's time to get a few more windows covered.I bought a few clearanced curtains today at local store to try out for size and color combo. Still need to decide on hardware-but that of course will depend on whether or not I stick with curtains or go with roman shades or plantation blinds. Sometimes it is hard to commit.

So proud of myself!I just made it through 2 hours of Creating Keepsakes on QVC and didn't buy one single thing! That is something to talk about!

I had several visitors this pm for lunch-several family members-all accounted for there were 12.It was loud, boisterous and messy at times (Ethan spilled his milk-again!)but it was still great to see everyone.

I'm busy "Spring" Cleaning again. Yep. That's right. Time to thin down and pare down. Yesterday I went through all of Ian's school memorabilia from Preschool to Second and thinned down the collection. We also cleaned up the toyroom. I touched up all of the walls in the house too. Afterwards, I stained a night table. Today I worked on our closets and drawers. I hope to get to the garage this weekend as well as to get the basement painted in the next two weeks. Oh, I also MUST thin down and organize my scrappin' space. I don't think that's such a tall order to fill, do you? LOL
Anyhoo...really tired-so I'm going to clear off the pile of laundry (I folded but haven't put away yet)that's on our bed so I can get some shuteye! TTFN

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