Thursday, July 20, 2006


How seems to be the popular question of late.This simple question is frequently asked by my introspective 8 year-old but now it appears the gene has been passed on to little bro. Lately he's been all about how things work and how things happen. Leave it to my boys to not ask the usual "Why" question but instead the more difficult question (at least in my eyes), How? Today we were riding home from tennis when Ethan popped out the question, "Mommy, how does spit get in my mouth?" (Hmmmm........whatever made him think about that?) to which I replied, (after some consideration) "Well, Boo, you have salivary glands in your mouth that help make the spit." Hopefully that was accurate enough information for now to quell his intellect-at least long enough for me to "Ask Jeeves" LOL.

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