Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Weekend Lens | Breast Cancer Walk and more

So last weekend was pretty beautiful and pretty busy. Thousands gathered to walk a 5K raising funds for breast cancer research and treatment. We (my fam and I) walked with our tae kwon do family and Sweet B and Sweet C. It was such a fabulous day and wonderful event. I was so happy to participate this year as last year I had full body hives from allergy to meds Rxed for my bronchitis I got as a result of severe seasonal allergies. Whew! So happy to be functioning somewhat like a human being this year. :)
A few pics from the event:

 The pink vignette is actually my iPhone case. I kinda liked the effect. It suited the occasion, so I left it on.

 Sweet C and moi with the Mr. Pink Firefighter dude.
Sweet B and me:
 Gorgeous light filtering through beautiful leaves. SIGH.

 Getting the group kiddo pic: Mick assisting. :)

Worked up an appetite after the 3.1 mile walk-so off to SNS for some chili deluxe and chili 5 way. Aww...yeah. :)
And on Sunday Mick played in the band at church and Ethan and I spent several hours sprucing this up.

Happy Thursday-amost TGIF peeps! :)

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