Friday, October 28, 2011

December Daily 2011 | Fabulous Fall Finds on a Free Friday

While running some errands today (since we have no school as it's Quarter Break) I couldn't help but to pull over and snap a few pics of the gorgeous color in our little town. Thought I'd share with all of you blog readers of mine. :)

This one through my sunroof window. Yes, it's nearly November and I can still have the windows open (for a little while-allergies still really bad for me).

This one from inside Mick's office:
This one was from Wed. when it was cold and rainy. Still love the vibrant colors though.
I came home and made a big pot of my ham & potato cheese corn chowder  in some new yummy colored Fiesta bowls I purchased at Kohls (40% off Plus 30% coupon + $10 cash back for each $50 purchased-yeah, can't go wrong with that!)

 And here are a few fabulous fall find lovelies that are sure to make their way into my December Daily 2011 as well as my Project Life. L-O-V-E them. :)

Yesterday the boys had ortho appts. Can you believe that one got his braces off and the other got his braces on...both on the same day? yeah. Crazy!
Here they are cheesing it up for the camera:
 And one, not-so-cheesy shot:
Ethan went for purple bands. (And it would have absolutely nothing to do with him liking the music of a certain Justin Beiber. AHEM.)
And someone evidently stole a quick shot from my phone this am.

Goofballs. But adorable too. :)
BBL with more from this week and perhaps a scrapbook layout or two.
Happy Friday peeps!
Hugs, Suz


  1. beautiful pictures. i love those pins. very cute. i've been meaning to try ormolu.

  2. WOW the colours are absolutly fabulous, we don't really get that here :(
    That is too funny about both boys and there braces, thats got to make it into a layout lol. Oh and those badges i want them al, i keep meaning to buy some then forget, one of these days :)

  3. Wow! Your photos are fabulous!! I must go out and take some photos of the beautiful jacarandas that are blooming here ATM. I love the purple/blue colours...

    I am excited to start my DDaily and am very interested in the Project Life. Thanks for sharing your moments..x

  4. Beautiful fall colors and you have a lovely family.

  5. Your autumn photos are beautiful!!!


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