Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Weekend Lens| Mid-week Edition's been a busy week, filled with lots of little bits and pieces that include everyday life: homeschooling, trips to the store, the post office, bill paying and budgeting, taking the boys to and from their activities, taekwondo, piano, tennis, art class, etc. You get the idea.
Anyhoo, we had a fab weekend with my Scrappin' Sista; Sweet P and her new hubby and family. Took a little road trip to JC and had the best time. The boys were asking on the way, "What are we going to do there?" By the time the weekend was over, they were asking, "When are we coming back?"
yeah...that's what I'm talkin' about! ;)
Flowers picked for the mommas by one sweet 9yo girl:
 Food fixins served up just right:
 Playing with Photobooth app on my iPhone-Clearly I have not perfected the art of centering subjects in the lens! LOL
 Are really cool, vintage and completely functioning pharmacy downtown JC. It even had old fashioned sodas for sale.
 The prison, which we did not tour.
 The capitol building-it really was a goregous day despite severe headache from allergies (hence, the reason for the trip to the pharmacy-as I couldn't find my OTC meds).
 Kiddos at play:
 And at rest -er eating.
 The kids getting creative with their hot dog.
 Sweet P's awesome monster long scrap/craft table. I think it's like 11 feet long.
 Her sunlit sewing nook.

 Quarter pounders off the grill
 with a yummy fruit salad. Not pictured here? My homemade snack crack that was enjoyed and comsumed. All.weekend.long.
 Sweet little boy taking up the rake-completely of his own free will.

 Beautiful sunset and view. This picture just does not do it justice!
 Strength and accomplishment in numbers.
 A hint of a full moon's presence in a few night's time.
 Just one of my vintage findings, in all of it's metal woodgrain glory. :)
Caught this beauty with my iphone.
Other things not pictured here: several rounds of Spades, appetizers and beverages alfresco at a local winery, golfing on a gorgeous day (Mick and Mark), visit to Yo-Yum, a corn maze and numerous shops and boutiques. A very fun-filled, friend packed weekend. Thanks Sweet P, Mark and the girls!
Next time, our place! :)

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time..x


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