Sunday, October 02, 2011

The Weekend Lens | Celebrating a Birthday

So, this weekend was filled with fun activities, a scrapping crop, college football, mulching (ok, not so fun), church (yes, church is and can be fun people) eating out, Best Buy, Village Inn, Guitar Center fun with great deals, Village Inn pie (for someone special's birthday) and birthday surprise, visiting with neighbors in the culdesac and throwing the football around. As well as World Card Making day. Whew!
Here are some captures from this weekend:
(NTS: Need to get Instagrams posted here as well).

 A lovely gentleman in the parking lot offered to take our pic. We've decided to make it a tradition to take family pics by fire hydrants in the future. :) hee hee
 The boysies had a fab time playing with all of the instruments in the store.

A little learning took place.

Some pretty good Cold Play piping out of the keyboard.

This little dude was fascinated that "they even have a ukelele that's ELECTRIC?"

 We, almost made it out of there without dropping a dollar...except I needed a Diet Pepsi...and then Ian spotted these and it was all over!
And..we did indeed drop a few dollars...$8.17. Yes, you read that right, I did not make a typo or misplace my decimal point AND it was not an error in checkout! Definitely the "Before Christmas" holiday score of the season! 

 Look at the "Vanna" Dudes showing off what a few lovely loved one have won:
I love getting my holiday shopping done early!

Of course, for a buck, the boys got to keep one for themselves. They had great fun playing both games simultaneously.

Ethan hounded us all afternoon, to partake of the birthday pie. He was inhaling it's scented loveliness the whole drive home.

 Our first pumpkin of the season that the boys picked up at the corn maze last night that a friend took them to.
Proof that we have healthy food in the house. hee hee
 On to the birthday celebration. Improvising with the candles.

 The first attempt at lighting:
 The end of our rendition of happy birthday, "Happ-eee birth-day toooo you! And Scooby Doo..."

And lastly, the birthday gift, a musical one that I surprised Mick by posting a little message on FB as a clue.
He was surprised and pleased. 
Happy birthday Sweets! We love you so McDaddy! (My nickname with him is Mick-hence the combo).
I'll be back tomorrow to post the winner of the Amy Tangerine Mini Book! Keep those entries coming. I am so excited to announce the winner!!!!

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  1. what a fun weekend!
    i love the photos of your sweet family! handsome boys you have!

    i love your blog suze! always an inspiration here...hope you don't mind that i love to stalk your blog!



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