Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Back from tennis

Well, I just got back from playing some dubs-with 3.5 ladies-some older than me and a few college girls. All great ladies. Talented. Competitive and yet fun. My partner(s) {Round Robin play} and I managed to win all of our matches despite sporadic moments of greatness amidst many moments of inconsistent serving and missed volleys. LOL!

Always fun to get out and hit though. If the ole bod would hang in there-I would play until I literally drop. My brain still thinks I'm sixteen and can chase every lob down and dive for all of the low drop shots full throttle but then reality hits and I realize I ain't no spring chicken anymore and I need to take it a little more easy-so hard to do for a strong-willed-highly competitive girl like myself!!

Just put the Blue-Eyed Boyz (BEBZ for short) to bed. Yeah, I know...They should've hit the hay hours ago. Ian had a baseball game. By the time they had snacks, baths and stories it was late.
Oh well. I'll try harder tomorrow!:)
Mick's playing BF2 (his latest online addiction). He's talking to his bro on the phone as he plays. Probably going to hit his bro up to play a few rounds with him It's sick really. They actually go onling together and play on the same team with each other while talking with their bluetooths (so that their hands are free for the all important sniper shootouts and grenade throwing. They totally geek out on it! It's really quite comical to listen to them discuss strategies and whatnot. I guess, in all fairness to the Y chromosomes, listening to them is much the same as them observing women have several conversations going on at one time with not one apparent woman leading the conversation and all of the women talking over one another-each woman keeping up with all of the conversations and yet holding her own. I guess I need to just chill with this BF2 thing and just be happy that this is his biggest downfall...really...it could be worse...but I'm not going to go there...I'll just keep counting my blessings that he is in my life and that he chose me to be his life partner. What a lucky, lucky girl I am.

Moving on...lots of chores today. Managed to actually get the overflowing laundry baskets out of our bedroom today. I have to be truthful though-they did get relocated to the living room where I am in the process of sorting and distribution to the appropriate household locales..But, I did get several loads of laundry done, grocery shopping, phone calls returned and bills paid. I did manage to spend some quality time with Ethan working on rhyming words and painting "Create" letters. He actually did a pretty good job on the base coat! I helped him put out fires at www.rescueheroes.com and watched him pretend to put out his own fires with his RH figures. He's really into them now. I'm glad he's finally showing interest in them since I was about ready to give them away! Isn't that they way it always works? About the time you decide to pare down, to throw out, to donate, to simplify and to get rid some of the clutter-Then. THEN is when the decide that they're not really ready to depart with that beloved BatBear that they haven't cuddled on for a good six months strong. (But, with that being said, I know in my heart of hearts, I am the same exact way! LOL!)

This past weekend was a relaxing one. We wentdown to Big Gma's cabin and spent the day out on the water. Tooled around on the waverunner a bit and gave the BEBZ some Viper rides. They absolutely love this! Especially when they get their "Wicked Hair." Holly and Mark made it down with Ben. He's so sweet and adorable. It was his first time on the water and let's just say he did really well until they dipped him in! A tad bit cold for his lil monkey toes, I daresay! He fussed and fussed. But boy was he precious in his life preserver and red (matched perfectly to their boat) swimming trunks that hung down to his ankles (well, almost!)

Sunday we went to SF Cards BB game. They won handily. The BEBZ had a blast. We were fortunate to be gifted 4 Gen'l Admission tix from a lady at the gate. Had great seats right by Cards dugout and first base. (Just knew I shouldda brought the camera-darnit! Louie the Cardinal rode up a fire engine and dropped $5K of Cardinal Bucks for the kids to chase down and collect and redeem at gift shops and concessions. Ethan tracked down $12.oo worth and Ian got about $6.00 I was just happy neither were trampled in all of the hoopla.

Afterwards we ate at our local Mexican favorite-El Puente. Always- fast service, decent price and pretty tasty food. All in all it was a really great weeekend of leisure and family fun-just the four of us-enjoying each other. Enjoying the moments.

sidebar...yes.it's official..Mick coerced his bro to play BF2 with him. (Do I know my hubby or what?

Talked to some of my long distance friends today:Tanya, Caren and Chelse. Poor Chels has been having a rough go of it-in and out of the hospital after her hysterectomy(After 3 kids things weren't where they needed to be-let's leave it at that-she's only thirty somethun;). Had complications but is on the mend now. She was in pretty good spirits today-but wanting to have it all behind her. Send some healing vibes her way would ya? Love ya Chels!!

Still working on getting comfortable with my new Canon20D-love it!! I have been shooting in RAW but now I just need to find out if my Adobe PSE2.o will allow me to tweak the images. I'm hoping I don't have to purchase the pricey PSCS2 to enjoy this feature of my camera. It is one of the main reasons I wanted to upgrade. I am really pleased with my photos though and especially like how quickly it fires in high speed situations as well as at other times. I've pretty much read all of the manuals and software info and researched several websites about plug-ins and stuff. I'm soooooooooooo not a computer techie-really missed the boat in college on learning this stuff.
We weren't even required to have a computer or to take a computer class! Now, now be nice, I'm not as ancient as it sounds!! LOL!

Well, I got my latest issues of CK and SS yesterday and I have more poring over them to do. Just love those mags. Such talented chickitas and such great sources of inspiration to me. Hard for me to get into shut down mode for the evening when I have all of that "art" on the gray matter though!


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