Friday, June 23, 2006

Family Night Just Got Better...

...yeah! Ok. We just got back from a Family Night of tennis. Now that's my idea of a fun family night. Those of you who REALLY know me-know how much tennis rocks my world! LOL! Anyways, afterwards we took the BEBZ for some Sonic Slushes/Floats/Sundays and then hit the movie store for a few flicks. Opted to stay home instead of heading for the cabin. Need to get some things done around the house. Mick noticed while looking in the reflection of the movie store's window at the van, that we had no parking lights. This in addition to the fact that we have no interior instrumental panel lights! I took the van in on Wed. for an oil change on Wed. and had the dealer look at instrument panel-they said it was definitely was not a blown fuse but might need more extensive work done approximately $300 worth Ahh..ya-uh. We're supposed to leave for Tulsa Sun. Ummmm...I'm thinking will try a new fuse;)

I've got tennis at 8am and grocery shopping to do for family get together here tomorrow night. Mick needs to mow yard and I need to make cabin curtains and pack for Tulsa. I still have hopes of painting the basement this summer as well. We'll see if that happens. It's a big job for sure. Not one I'm really looking forward to.

Ian had his last day of summer school today and brought home his "portfolio" of artistic creations and a few more inventions--Have to admit the boy can put some stuff together. I really liked his self portrait and his Van Gogh interpretation of Starry, Starry Night. His Andy Warhol olive can interpretations was kinda cool too. When Ethan and I went to pick him up at school Ethan asked him "Hey Ian, what kind of VENTION" did you make today?"

We're official into weekend mode now-boys enjoying their first night in awhile of getting to stay up late. Mick's playing BF2 and I'm off to scrapbook a page and then read more of The DaVinci Code (remember, it IS FICTION!!!)

Night y'all!

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