Thursday, June 15, 2006

Book Club

Had book club last a b-sitter as Mick was out-o-town. The book we discussed was Memoirs of A Geisha (which I have previously read for my G'ville book club several years back). Such a great book. I have to admit though-I really wasn't interested in reading a book about Japanese culture-but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. I learned a lesson from thinking that way-need to stay open-minded about stuff. Yet another book I loveeeeeeeeeeeed but would've never picked up at local bookstore on my own-The Kiterunner. It's a FANTASTIC book about the friendship of two Afghanistani boys. Loved-loved-loved it!!! And book to read-The Da Vinci Code. This will be a tough one for me-need to remember it's fiction. Other books I am currently reading or must read soon:

  • The Secret Life of Bees
  • The World Is Flat (a must!) about globalization and how behind the times we US Citizens are and how complacent we are. How are school systems are antiquated--defefinitely a must read. Bill Gates was on Oprah a month or so ago-discussing this exact topic. It should frighten every one of us as parents with children who call the Land of the Free home.
  • Parents as Mentors
  • Marley and Me
  • No Excuses (Kyle Maynard-born with congenital amputations)

Gotta love books. Knowledge. Power. Understanding. Soak it all in. Step into the lives of the characters.. Step into their world. Step into their brains. Empathy. Sympathy. Compassion. Understanding. Sorrow. Triumph. Hardship. It's all good-especially if it compels me to be a better me...

Played some tennis with the BEBZ at my local tennis club. Fun to see Ian growing as a player. Developing his skills. Having fun. Enjoying the game.
Ethan meanwhile was tooling around the court attempting to capture a butterfly as it flutterd across the courts. Sometimes (ok-often) he was in our way as we tried to rally-but it was comical and cute to watch him play. So Ethan!

Makes me think back to last weekend at the lake. Observing once again the differences in my boys' personalities. How each handles a new situation. Mick took each out on the waverunner for his own "Daddy and Me" Spin. Mick told Ian to "give it a little gas." Ian proceeded to cautiously turn on the accelerator. "It's ok Ian. Go ahead." Mick said. So finally, Ian let it rip! And what fun he had!!
Ethan, by contrast-needed no prodding. He wasted no time in opening it up-full throttle!
They are the coolest lil dudes. Just love them. Love their little growing personalities and especially love their differences. I hope they always stay true to who they are. ALWAYS...

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