Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's Rainin' Today's raining! We desperately needed the rain but go figure it happens on my tennis night! Bummer. I'm still hoping for it to clear up and for them to get the courts good to go. That's what I love about clay courts...much faster drying time.

Ian brought home another couple of contraptions/inventions/ creations today from ALERT summer school. Some cool stuff. He's made a pool table and rain gauge, an air boat and several other unique items. I am really enjoying seeing his little brain get wrapped up in how to make things and how to make things run. But, that being said, what's a mom to do about where to stash all of these works of art? I broke the news to Ian today that we could display them for a week or two but them we needed to take his picture with all of them and get rid of a few. So hard to do but, I'm afraid it must be done. A house can only hold so many treasures.

Got the replacement adapter from UPS today for the invisible pet fence. Big yeah on that one! Try keeping to really big dogs occupied and out of trouble indoors while two kids and a cat roam the house as well is a feat I need to master. So, thank you UPS man! You've brought sanity back into my life. If that brown attired man only knew the joy that such a small parcel could bring to one family. Well...

Gearing up for the weekend. Hope to get to the cabin and then off to Tulsa Sunday to visit our friends. Tennis camp and The Lion King are on the agenda along with Cheryl's bday and a few dips in their pool. Oh, and a few photo shoots and scrapbooking sessions too I imagine. Hard to believe the 4th is just around the corner...

Oh, the picture above is a recent one from the cabin of our BEBZ with Rudy, our Hunk of Burnin' Love. (Isn't he a beast?). Love this pic. Capturing the boys in a tender moment of brotherly love. AWwww...Gotta catch those pics when ya can, ya know? Never know when the next bout of sibling rivalry is gonna kick in. What's up with that anyway? Hard for me to comprehend-my sisters are several years older than me so fighting really wasn't an option for long as they were both out of the house through much of my childhood years. Can't say that I feel left out on that sibling rivalry thing. Actually, I'm a tad glad that I didn't have to endure it. At least for long. I do recollect however, that on one occasion I was bugging my sister Linda while she was on the phone (the only phone in the house I might add; centrally located and with a fairly long curly cord). She kept trying to wave me away as she was chatting with one of her girlfriends and of course being the dutiful little sister that I was, I kept on bugging her. Well, I knew just how far that cord could reach and believe me that was to my benefit. I would make faces and distract her in as many ways as I could, knowing that she would not want to put the phone down to come and get me. But, on occasion, she did just that and would have to run for my life to my room and lock the door before she could catch me. Wasn't I a stinker? Wonder who Ethman get's that from? (Although, my MIL said Mick was the same way too!) Definitely must be a universal characteristic of the youngest child.

Oooh..Yippee! Just got the call from TB. Tennis is ON for 7pm! I'm outta here!

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