Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weekend Lens| MLK Weekend

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend. We were fortunate to have a long one here. Spent it hanging out with some friends, both big...
 and little:

Spent some time (actually a lot of it) in PJ's curled up with a few good books and a viewing of Kung Fu Panda 2.Ok, it's a good movie but I didn't watch the whole thing-it's too hard for me to just sit still and watch and do nothing else. TOO difficult for me anyways! LOL
Here are a few pics that documented our weekend. I think they are all taken with my phone-bc it was on hand and was, well, just easier.

 Some "lovely" Wally world $1 finds:

A common pose:
 Chocolate indulgence:
 Dinner: homemade lasagna and Texas garlic toast:

 Some PL lovelies ala @Hello Forever (Marcy Penner).

Was REALLY disappointed that the Packers beat themselves out of another Superbowl victory. Really bummed. EPIC FAIL. (Still love them though!)

Here are two great books that I read in less than 24 hours. Prepare for some tears on the first one. 
 This one is an excellent read for anybody although it is geared toward teens and tweeners.

Off to go get some laundry, done, bills paid, and some scrapping time in. Have a beautiful day!!

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