Friday, January 13, 2012

Quick Silhouette Tutorial | Project Life 3x4-ish Cards

Hi everyone. Back with a quick tutorial for those of you getting on the Project Life band wagon this year1
I'm doing a hybrid version this year, using up a lot of my stash and making it my own. I decided, in the interest of saving myself a little time, that I would make a template for 3x4 cards using my favorite scrappy tool, the Silhouette. And while I have the SD and not the current 12x12 Cameo, the same instructions can be applied to the 12x12 format. You will just get more cards on each page with the 12x12.

To start, open up your Silhouette workspace: (Click on any image to view larger).
 CLick on the rounded rectangle tool on the tool bar at left.
 Move over to workspace with your cursor and drag and size you rectangle to the dimensions shown below:

 Copy and paste and drag each subsequent rectangle to maximize the number of cards you can have on your 8.5 x 11 workspace.

Send to your Silhouette and cut away! Or, "Save as" to your library and use over and over AND over again! Happy Project Life-ing!

Email me or comment here with questions.


  1. This is wonderful, thank you!

  2. So useful! Thanks for the info.


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