Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life | Week 3

Here are a few quick pics I took with my iPhone today.

Love that I can scrap "perfectly imperfect" and that. is. OK. With Project Life I let go of my perfectionism ( a bit ) and allow it to be whatever the time in my life allows for it to be. Whatever I get done, as I have mentioned in previous posts before) is wayyyy more than being paralyzed to create nothing because of perfectionism.

We rarely, and what I mean by rarely is one to two times per year, go to McDonalds. But Thursday the boys were famished after hip hop class and so I succumbed to their pleas for food. The fry container is the actual container from a kids Happy Meal. The guy at the drive through was kinda bragging that you get both apples and fries now with the meal. We joked that it was about 1/4 of an apple and the fries were "Micro Minis." (No worry about Super Sizing it in the Happy Meal department, to be sure!) LOL
Anyhoo, I cut out the fold out expander flaps of the container to fit the page protector, cut up sue yellow diagonally striped paper and journaled on my "paper" fries.

Hope y'all are having a great week. I'm organizing for a weekend crop that begins Fri. Trying to get pics printed and tools and supplies organized so I can be uber-productive!


  1. Cute! I really want my kit now!!!!

  2. Okay, #1: LOVE the new header. It's so cute!!! don't know how long you've had it up -- I usually read on Google Reader, so I don't see it. , and #2: How did I miss that you were doing Project Life? Is this your first post? {I think I read too many blogs. I forget who's doing what!!! LOL} Have a great day, Friend. ~Sal

  3. These pages are great!

  4. i love your project life.
    i started one, but it looks NUTTIN like yours you darling lady!
    love it!

    are you going to Winter CHA in California?!


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