Sunday, January 08, 2012

Two Urgent Care Visits in Three Days | Finally a Dx

Yep. I tested positive for strep. The bright side, I finally got some meds in me and I am feeling better after spending three days in bed (minus trips to UC). The down side, my boys are complaining of sore throats and...there are hints of white spots on their monster tonsils. UGH. Thinking tomorrow is going to bring more trips to the doctor. I just hope they can actually get in to their pediatrician and not get stuck at Urgent Care as I did.
So, unfortunately, my weekend of hoping to get a small amount of crafting in-did not happen. Here's hoping I can get some done in the next few days as I have some news products in house that are begging me to play with them! You can rest assured, I'll be back with some crafty goodness soon. Here's hoping there is good health in your home.


  1. Oh no! Feel better soon friend :)

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon. Jo


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