Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Few Holiday Pics | 2011

This was our 8th year in Winter Park and our first one without Linny. She most definitely was with us in spirit though and despite some quiet moments and a few tears, we all made the best of it together as a family; remembering the past, cherishing the present and moving forward to brighter days and new adventures.



Linda "Linny" Dec. 2010:

1962-2011 You lived your dash well. This was the last time I saw you alive and this is how I will always remember you. Just wish and pray other family members have this memory as well-in time.

Lil McSteamy. Or at least that's what I thought after I captured this pic of Ian out in the cold. You can almost make out his dimple tucked beneath his face mask. :)

And Casey, full of smiles and giggles and living his life full throttle. Just like his momma would want him to do. She's looking down from heaven and beaming with pride.

And Shelby, sporting her beautiful smile. Amazed by her strength, resilience, and attitude. 
 The gorgeous view around the condo:

 Endless runs down the hillside with the sleds, constantly trying to hit the jump just right.

I have some gorgeous pics of the mountains, but they are on my iPhone. Will try to post them here once I figure out how to gain access to them. 

Be back later.

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  1. That looks like such fun! I'm sure Linny was there with you all. Doesn't Shelby look just like her?!?


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