Friday, September 16, 2011

Right Now | Ten Things

1. Loving Pinterest. So much inspiration there. SO. Much.

2. Appreciating the cooler temps and the making of some good comfort soups. I've already made potato corn ham and cheese chowder and chicken noodle soup this week. YUM.

3. Happy that my tennis serve is improving and that the rest of my gameplay has been pretty darn good to boot.

4. Lots of game playing around our house: Uno, Monopoly, Spades, and Wizard 101 (My boys' newest online game that they are enchanted by).

5. Season premiere of Parenthood showed this week. FINALLY!

6. Packers look to have a pretty darn good team again this year (judging by last week's win over the Saints).

7. Working on October Freehand Scraps kit designs. :)

8. Looking forward to more "homebody" time. While I love our summers at the lake, I look forward to the cooler days and nights spent curled up with a good book/kindle, watching some Gator football while scrapbooking, or just hanging out more with friends and family we don't get to see as much as we like to.

9. Ethan just got a haircut. Was to look like Cody Simpson's but of course Ethan's hair is way more fine, more blond, and less wavy than Cody's. So, it's an Ethan M. hairstyle instead. Different, but still looks good on him. :)

10. Looking forward to Big Grandma's return and spending some quality and quantity time with her.

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  1. I'm also loving pinterest! I could spend all day there! :)


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