Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Lens | Big Grandma Visits

and my DH is tickling the ivories with a FABULOUS rendition of Piano Man that he has been learning. So awesome to watch him play and listen to his talent. Something I love dearly about him. Filling our home with melodies that lift our spirits & put smiles on our faces. I feel a house is not a home without some really great music in it! :)
 Big Grandma made a short trip to visit us on her way to visit Uncle G and take a trip with him to Colorado. Praying for safe travels and fun times for them.

My mom keeps shrinking and my boys keep growing, so it's always interesting to see the changes in height with each pic I take of these three.
The rest of the weekend was spent, throwing the football around, playing tennis (all four of us), watching the US Open (great match Federer vs. Djokovic, horrendously poor sportsmanship by Serena Williams) a bit of football, some scrapbooking, making waffles, playing Uno, group piano lesson (Ethan) with VIB breakfast at Village Inn, and a trip to a skate shop for Mick and Ian.

The mandatory pot of chili 5 way was made for a full and proper introduction into the football season and fall. And despite the fact that tomorrow is supposed to reach 94 degress, I'm a  gonna roll with it and call it fall. :)

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