Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Weekend Lens | Labor Day Weekend

Time spent at the lake. Sat. was beautiful and hot. Perfect for being out on the water, but since we got in after noon and the annual pig roast started at 4, we didn't head out. I didn't take pics of the Pig Roast, the auction, or the people, because I've done it before and some things just shouldn't be photographed. (Think "People of Wal-mart" here). 

Sunday we hit the lake. Cooler temps didn't stop many from enjoying the water, which was still warm. (Just cold once you got out). Little "B" began kneeboarding and enjoyed it for several hours. His daddy was so proud! :)
The kids hung out Sat. night at cabin and watched Gilmore Girls, played Angry birds and Game Cube. Lots of popcorn and chatter.
I. and R. enjoyed the friendship that has been ongoing since they were wee ones.
 And Sweet P and M. came down for the day Mon. Gorgeous day, filled with blue skies, several rounds of Spades, Redneck golf and washers.  We enjoyed some tri tips on the barbie with side of green bean casserole and smores for dessert.

 Afterwards, Ethan pulled a Mr. Miaggi type of trick and captured a fly in a bottle.

Be back soon with Wordless Wednesday!

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