Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Lens | Rainy Day Weekend

Lots of rain. Much needed. The rain gave us a reason to slow down. To stay home (well, a good part of the weekend anyways!). To savor life-just the four of us (and the four "4-leggeds" of course!)
We played Monopoly. Watched Chuck Norris movies. The Gators win. Played Wizards 101. The drums. The piano. The guitar. I scrapbooked while others did what they wanted to do. We went to church. Mick played the keyboards. We baked chocolate chip cookies. Made pork roast. Ate in. We also ate out. Just Mick and I. A much needed and long overdue date night. We listened to Mick's favorite local band; Sequel Dose. We enjoyed time together. Just the two of us. Uninterrupted adult conversation. Reconnecting is always good stuff. :)

On to scrap related stuff. I made a card for my Sweet B friend of mine who had to put her beloved pupper down last week. For more than 15 years he was a part of her life. My heart is aching along with hers. So difficult to let go.

A little bit of Crate Paper, October Afternoon and Jillibean Soup goodness.

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