Sunday, November 14, 2010


...with delight that is! I got home from church this afternoon to Mick making burritos (He got home before me because he had already played in the band for two services.) and a large houndstooth gift-wrapped package sat on the counter. It was for me!! And early birthday gift. (I'm not a girl who complains about having to open a gift early-to be sure!)
I was thinking it was a new pilates ball. (As the boys recently ruptured mine goofing around).

I was...





And no, it was not a free Words With Friends app for my iPhone.

It was THIS:
(Scroll down).

I was totally surprised. Totally spoiled. Totally stoked!!!
Happy Birthday. INDEED. Tomorrow may be a bit of a downer...until I realize I get to tool around with this.

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