Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween Happiness

 Perseus Jackson (sword hidden behind his back).
Not enough light to get great shots-but it is what it is. Happy to have the memories. Cousin H. and Mr. M. with the dinosaur and Percy.
 Combing the neighborhood for Sweet Treats with Cousin B. So adorable how Boo takes on the Big Brother role with him. Love that.

And look who else was taking to the streets!! None other than Indiana Jones himself. Oh wait...on closer inspection is was just my Uncle G.
A neighborly Raven's Nest. Very Edgar Allen Poe-esque. Next to him (temporarily holding Percy's shield) is one half of the group "Black Eyed-P's". The other half was behind the lens taking these pics! My Aunt R. is next to half of the Black-Eyed P's.
After much traipsing the 'hood, we called it a night and headed for home (only to load up on sugar before attempting to wind down for school the next day). I know, something in the equation didn't add up. The boys think it was the part having to do with having school the next day!

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