Friday, November 05, 2010

Night of the Notables

Grabbed a few pics of Boo at his gifted Night of the Notables event. Each kiddo picked their Notable Person, researched them, completed a power point presentation, costume and poster board. Family members were to go around the room and ask questions of each kiddo and then guess what famous/notable person they were. (When Ian did this for his class, he was Brett Favre. Pre-texting (sexting) allegations. Ahem.)
Ethan decided to be Rafael Nadal. (Can I just say how excited I was when he told me he chose him! I think the only other living athlete that would excite me more would be TIm Tebow). I realize there are/were many famous notable people who made fabulous, wonderful contributions to this world, but for this athletic momma, I was one happy chickita! Ok, so anyways, at the end of the night each kiddo took to the stage and declared what notable person they were.
 Notables ranged (for the girls) from Madame Curie, Ruby Bridges and Laura Ingalls Wilder-to Lucille Ball, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, Jane Goodall and Selena Gomez. Two girls chose male notables: Charles Dickens and Elvis. Really.
 Boys ranged from Mohammed Ali, Dale Earnhart, Jr. Albert Einstein, (my favorite costume-sorry Boo!)
(Ethan is checking out Honest Abe's not so honest moustache! ;-) (Little of my corny wit inserted here).
 Abe Lincoln, Peyton and Eli Manning, Michael Jordan and more. Boys were definitely heavy on the athletes, girls a little on the pop stars. Nonetheless, always a fun and interesting evening when you fill a room with a bunch of enthusiastic, animated kiddos and their family members and teachers!'s the dude in all of his glory. (Envision  bigger biceps, darker complexion, dark brown eyes, dark brown hair). There ya's to Rafael Nadal!

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