Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Current Favs

  •  Snack Crack Mix
  • Percy Jackson Series
  • Parenthood (minus the swearing and some of the less than optimal family-value story lines)
  • Glee (love the music and talent on the show-the content of the story lines-not so much)
  • The Middle-love the humor and wit of the show; Patricia Heaton never fails to make me lol
  • crafting for the holidays
  • playing tennis outdoors without severe allergies kicking in
  • buying Christmas and birthday gifts
  • planning for a weekend getaway with my Ya-Yas
  • snuggling up to read with the boys (ok-Boo more often than Ian but still sometimes Ian)
  • listening to Ian play his electric guitar
  • listening to Ethan practice his Whirlpools on the piano for his festival piece
  • watching my animals curled up in balls on their cozy pet beds awhile snoring
  • seeing Baby B. for the first time today

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