Friday, June 11, 2010

What's That You Say?

Not sure what you're looking at here?
Well, let's tune in the focus a bit more. There we go. That's a bit better.This little lovely guy took up residence (well actually it WAS his residence) on my foot. Made himself at home (as well he should). At first he was a bit shy and wouldn't turn to my camera lens.But, then, with sheer persistence and patience I tell ya...I got... the look. Utter make my heart melt. And then moving downward, look at this specimen of couch potato loveliness. Just enough pudge to love. That's what you get with a puggle. A little bit o pug + a little o bit o beagle. And a whole lot o love! But wait! There's more! Here is the supreme specimen showing off his aloof nature. (Well, putting on an act really). He was waiting for the sign...Wait for it...OH...YEA-UH....That's what I was a waitin' fer!!! A great big serving of affecshun and scratchin.'That's what I'm a talkin' about! A little bit oh' luvin on the Scampster. Oh....I suppose you-uns can a come back fer a visit again next week.

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