Tuesday, June 22, 2010

She...was AWEsome!!

Went to see Carrie Underwood this past week. Her concert was everything I hoped it be...and more. Her opening acts rocked it too; Sons of Sylvia and Craig Morgan. Both sang so many songs that if I didn't know better, I would've thought the concert was their's alone!
The boys enjoyed it too...both in their own way...Ian playing make believe drums on his knees and Ethan rump-shakin' it in his chair (picture a little happy puppy impatiently sitting, wagging its tail for a treat here!).

Before the concert, we ate dinner alfresco, at one of our favorite burger joints. Holly and Mark were with us. It was such a beautiful evening. Sunshine, blue skies, a gentle breeze and great conversation. I only wish I had thought to take more pictures. You'd think that would be an automatic for me, but I do sometimes get wrapped up in the memory making and forget this small act.

By the way, did I mention how happy I was to have purchased several pairs of ear plugs. What? Huh?

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