Wednesday, June 02, 2010

One Dozen He is...

years, that is. I think it fitting that I post twelve things about Ian at this time in his life:

1. Very motivated to become a black belt in Taekwon do. (Currently, he is a High Green belt)
2. Working towards purchasing a phone
3. Totally into his new electric guitar
4. Loves wakeboarding
5. Into tennis and being a ball kid
6. Facebook fan
7. American Idol and The Biggest Loser are his favorite TV shows
8. Favorite food (that he can eat with braces??) Twix
9. Has braces (top teeth only)
10. Wears size 5.5 youth tennis shoes, weighs 82 pounds and is about 4ft. 10 inches tall
11. Likes his freckles and is pretty comfortable in his own skin
12. Favorite band: Skillet

Gifts Received:

  • electric guitar and amp, clothes; Mom and Dad 
  • Puma hat and blues "Scattin" Hat from Meems and Papa
  • $10 cash from Lil Brother, Boo (sweet, generous little dude he is that Boo Bear!)
  • monster HUGE Nerf Gun from Aunt Angie and Uncle Bill and Da Cousins
  • check coming via Snail Mail from Big Gma and Gpa
  • weekend at the lake with family and friends
  • breakfast of sausage biscuits and graavy, thanks to a loving dad

A morning round of James Bond on the Game CubeA little throwing of the baseballGrilling of burgers and Johnsonville beer brats
Fun with friendsAnd Momma's semi-homemade icy cold lemon pound cake to round it all off!

(Note: More wakeboarding and lake pics to follow but they are on Ian's P&S camera-left in the boat! I will have to post more later).

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