Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Details ARE Important!

Read the label! This morning proved a bit stressful as Ian inadvertently took the wrong "green pill" this morning. I figured it out after I had dropped him off to tennis and saw that his medicine was still out in my car. I thought to myself, "Hmm...that's not right! Surely he wouldn't run out to the car, grab a pill, and then come back inside to take it." I called him at the courts and questioned him. He said he had gotten them off of the counter. I said that there were no green pills sitting out on the counter unless he had taken them out of his bottle and put them there. He persisted in saying he took "His pills." Long story shorter, when he got home, he went over to the granite desk and held up his so called "pills." The bottle was bigger, and yes, there were in fact green pills (little not large, solid colored not two-toned green) in them, but they were not his. On the top of the bottle it was labeled in black Sharpie, "For Cramps.' Yep, my son had taken another family member's meds for help relieving severe stomach cramps. SO... after calling the pharmacist to confirm that I shouldn't be rushing him off to the ER, we had a short discussion about the importance of paying attention to the details!

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